Pennsylvania Paragliding utilizes three  different training hills which allows us to    train paragliding pilots from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our certified instructors pick the appropriate hill to maximize the wind directions for the day to fly safely on your very first day.

Get a taste of Paragliding. Our expert instructors teach you the basics, introduce you to the equipment. Demonstrate kiting, launching and landing. By the end of your day you will actually get to fly with an instructor.


Additional flights at the end of the lesson might be available for $25 each.

You can also purchase a free class for someone else:                 Gift Certificate

Equipment rental is included     

Executive training package  $2100 sign-up here

This personalized 5 day program is more for the individual that wants to get a license as soon as possible. Avoid the large group and get a more of a one on one training session. You’ll get more air time than is possible during a crowed weekend session. The ratio of instructor to pilots is better.            

P-2 certification package:  $1500  sign-up here

(Purchase only if you already have a P1 Certification, must be able to pass the P-1 written test and perform all the P1 required tasks)

This course is designed to follow after your P1 certification.  It will help you develop the skills necessary to easily fly with confidence, able to make your own decisions, fly safe and be able to expand your experience at the same time.


You’ll obtain the knowledge on different topics like reading the weather, thermal flying, ridge soaring and maneuvers.


This package includes the lessons necessary to become a P2 (we provide the equipment for this), preparation for the  P2 tests, “taking the test” and we will supervise, guide and observe your first 3 mountain flights.

  1. 1.- If you purchase the P1 and P2 certifications together you will save $400!!

* Please note that you will need to join the the Little Gap Club at your expense as well as the USHPA.


The P2 program is valid for one calendar year, so that you can learn at your own pace. All flights are done with the latest equipment. You will be under radio supervision at all times when flying, and to make it safer and easier we'll use the tow rig.


Once you sign up, please sign up to our mailing list, that way, everytime we are training you will receive an email.  If you are available, just reply to our email to reserve your spot. Our space is limited every day but our signed up students get priority over new people.


What you need to bring:                        

  1. BulletDrinking Water * Hiking boats or sneakers

  2. BulletHat or helmet if you have one * Comfortable clothing

  3. BulletPrint the waiver bring it with you, if you  married your spouse MUST sign also.

P-1 certification package:  $700  sign-up here

All students begin with the P1 package unless they are already rated P1 or greater from another school. The P1 Package includes beginning ground and flight training It includes usage of school grounds and school equipment.


It includes 2-3 days of training and the student should be prepared to move on to the P2 training by the end of this course. The P1 rating is for instructional purposes only. There are no P1 flying sites in the U.S. Thus, to be considered a rated pilot and fly the P2-P3 sites solo the student needs to earn more advanced ratings.


Once you sign up, please sign up to our mailing list, that way, everytime we are training you will receive an email.  If you are available, just reply to our email to reserve your spot. Our space is limited every day but our signed up students get priority over new people.

P-1 and P-2 sign up for both at once and save $400  total         $1800  sign-up here

If you know you want to be a solo pilot, and you will want to get certified, purchase both the P-1 (Beginner) and P-2 (Novice) certifications together andd save $400!

Equipment Purchase

For P1 and P2 students, part of the cost of training is met by the student's purchase of equipment from us.

It is your instructor's job to help you select your first glider.  Different paragliders have different characteristics and require different skill levels.  The guidance of a trusted instructor will ensure that you choose a glider that will give you many hours of safe and fun flight.  We take pride in being the major importer for most major paragliding manufacturers on the market, and even for many of the minor ones as well! We always work hard in getting our students the best deal on the market, and we always spend some time reviewing appropriate glider size, brand, performance, cost, safety, and more with every one of our students. That way, the student finds the wing that is perfect for them in all aspects at their current level.

There is a surcharge for students who already have their gear.  This equipment will have to be inspected and approved by Pennsylvania Paragliding instructors to ensure safety.

Other Considerations

There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate programs. If we are unable to complete a program due to an operational shutdown, we will pro-rate a refund or merchandise exchange.  Programs are not transferable to another individual. Students on certification programs may join any class where space permits. Reservations are required and are not confirmed until a deposit has been paid. The deposit is the same amount as the cost of the program you are enrolling in. Deposits are refundable if notice is given and acknowledged at least 24 hours prior to the first scheduled lesson. If notice of cancellation is given less than 24 hours prior to the first scheduled lesson, the deposit is refundable only if a qualified replacement student can be found for your reservation. Pennsylvania Paragliding reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.

Participants and their spouses are required to sign a liability release form.

Students are required to have their own medical insurance.
Please note: The minimum age for a student is 12 years old.